Názov projektu: European Digital Art and Science Network

Hlavný organizátor: Ars Electronica Linz Gmbh (AT) 

Partneri: Dig (SK) Centar Za Promociju Nauke (RS) Fundacion La Laboral. Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial (ES) Fundación Zaragoza Ciudad Del Conocimiento (ES)

Trinity College (IE) Zavod Za Studentske Kulturne Dejavnosti Studentske Organizacije Univerze V Ljubljani In Zveze Studentskih Klubov Slovenije (SI)

Výška grantu: 1,097,250 €

Kategória:  Projekty európskej spolupráce

Trvanie projektu: 2014 – 2017


The European Digital Art and Science Network aims to collide the minds of science with those coming from the digital arts in order to achieve a serious, common perception of opposed disciplines. Interdisciplinarity, the European intercultural exchange and the reach for new audiences are 3 fundamental key criteria. In this context, excellence is based on outstanding pioneering work, on extraordinary, high performance production & presentation infrastructure, on the unique construction of the area of inquiry itself, on the quality of knowledge transfer or on some combination of these elements. Participating network player are 2 scientific mentoring institutions representing Europe’s peak in scientific research ESO (Chile) and Cern (CH), the Ars Electronica Future Lab providing state-of-the-art technical production possibilities in a trans disciplinary discourse and 8 European cultural partners representing strong and various European cultural- and artistic positions. Together they are establishing prototypical situations of interdisciplinary collaboration, innovative presentation and educative knowledge-transformation.

Operational milestones to achieve the contextual aims are:
Starting a European call, doing a jury representing mentors and partners selecting projects;
Sending artists to the residencies CERN or ESO and FutureLAB;
Presenting the artistic results at the Ars Electronica Festival and expanding the given contextual space with enlarging curatorial aspects to establish wider and deeper prospects and opportunities for artistic expression;
Developing the artistic results and programs based on modular and mobile concepts; creating and sending customized versions of the results to the cultural partners. In that frame in 3 years 4 selected projects will be sent to 8 residency mentor and partner institutions. The selected projects will be contextual epicenter of 13 exhibitions, 8 workshops and 9 conferences presented at 8 European cultural institutions.