Hudobný festival a konferencia SHARPE po tretíkrát prinesú kvalitnú súčasnú tvorbu a obľúbené ale aj zatiaľ neobjavené mená zo Slovenska i zahraničia. To všetko v unikátnych priestoroch kultúrnej platformy Nová Cvernovka. Festival bude počas dňa sprevádzať hudobná konferencia pre vzdelávanie a prepájanie hudobnej komunity.

The vision of supporting the education, development, cooperation and export of the Slovak independent music scene is what is setting SHARPE apart from other music events and festivals in the country.

We are trying to fulfil the vision through the full day conference program aimed for music professionals, musicians and people with interest in music.

On September 4, Nová Cvernovka will be a place for discussions, workshops and presentations on various topics from the music industry, music business but also other highly relevant environmental or social topics. All the participants, speakers, festival representatives, journalists, musicians, label managers, artist managers and other people will meet at Nová Cvernovka.

More info about program and schedule soon. Check out the list of speakers.

Saturday, 4.9.2021, 12:00-13:00 Club
The Future is NOW: What can the music industry do face to face climate crisis?
Host: Zuzana Duchová (Creative Europe Desk, SK)
Speakers: Teresa Moore (A Greener Festival, UK), Eva Van Netten (Welcome To The Village, NL), John Robb (The Green Britain Academy, UK) 
What can the music industry do to restore balance facing the climate crisis? The amount of environmental challenges in today’s live music industry is probably countless. What are the latest innovation projects and ideas and how to make them work in reality? Let’s find out with our guest speakers: Chris Moorman from the Dutch festival Welcome To The Village that, every year, creates a nearly sustainable village for the duration of four days; John Robb – artist, writer and co-founder of The Green Britain Academy and Teresa Moore, the Director of A Greener Festival and co-founder of the annual Green Events and Innovations Conference.